Back in the olden days when only three television stations ruled the land, Dawn loved her Saturday morning cartoons. Her vivid imagination took her into playing these characters during the rest of the week and making up her own tales.

Unfortunately, no one ever told her that people actually voiced those cartoon characters.

​This predicament left our young heroine not knowing that there were exciting career possibilities so near at hand, even as she used one of her favorite Christmas presents – a microphone that played her voice out of the radio – to pretend that she was rock star DJ, or when she recorded her own stories to cassette tapes while sitting in her closet.

​But Fate wasn’t ready to let Dawn’s course settle.

One day while at an anime convention, she attended a panel about recording audiobooks. Halfway through, she turned to her son, grabbed his arm, and said, “I can record my own books!” After all, the process for doing just that had been set out before during the presentation just like a yellow brick road.

​Her first audiobook recordings were done in the middle of the night using a homemade studio.

​It didn’t take long for Dawn to realize that if she wanted to continue, she would need to upgrade her equipment and venture deeper into the land of audio engineering -- a task not for the faint of heart. Deciding that she really liked to act out all the parts, she decreed that she would continue this adventure to see where it would take her.

​Since then, she has been recording her own novels, learning and growing with each one. She still dreams to one day voice an animated character, like for real!