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'SOMEWHERE OUT THERE' original acrylic space painting

'SOMEWHERE OUT THERE' original acrylic space painting

20"x10" acrylic on wrapped canvas

Wired and ready to hang, can also be framed 

I'm going to start off by saying that the tree is actually a little more purple than it is silver. A little more.

This piece, which was the last one I made for the CAC class, made me feel like my art had come back around to where I started with all my Twilight Tree and Evening Tree ACEO's (Artist Cards Editions and Originals), as well as some of my earlier art. It felt like coming home, as if it were saying that my detours along the road were okay and I could start again from a place I knew. 

I don't know if this tree is hanging off a precipice or floating in the air. I think we experience a bit of this in not knowing the road before us. Sometimes is does feel like our world isn't quite solid beneath our feet. We can get thrown for a loop, knocked off balance. Yet continuing to grow is our goal. 


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