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'SYMBIOSIS' original acrylic space painting

'SYMBIOSIS' original acrylic space painting

24"x12" wrapped canvas

Wired and ready to hang, can also be framed 

Here we wait for the elusive dove. Is it really part of the nebula or is it what we see? That's why we waited near these berries. 

Yes, this is a painting where the bird developed of its own accord. It truly came from the nebula. I had no intention of putting a bird in it. Seriously, it's very rare to even see a bird in one of my landscapes. And I certainly wouldn't put a dove in (but that's a whole other story). 

Yet here, in this painting, the bird is part of the nebula and yet coming for the berries much in the same way that the planet is part of the universe. They share common goals and need each other to survive. If someone is not around to observe the starry sky, is it even there at all?


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