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'UNIVERSAL MAGIC' original acrylic space painting

'UNIVERSAL MAGIC' original acrylic space painting

Not Available for Sale!

24"x18" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Wired and ready to hang, can also be framed 

If you know me, then you know I've always had a fascination with magic. But I also like a fine plot twist. 

Genies... ah, yes... I have a thing about genies. Okay, I also grew up watching I Dream of Jeannie and wanted to be just like Barbara Eden, which I found only slightly more fascinating than Bewitched (only because I couldn't wiggle my nose no matter how hard I tried). But then there was Aladdin and his lamp. My uncle use to play "Open Sesame" when I was a kid. Yeah, the list and how my imagination spun things could go on. 

I can't say I was surprised when I decided to draw a magic lamp into this painting, along with the (sinister?) curl of smoke that comes out of it. Is the universe just playing tricks on us all now? If so, I think I know why. A genie is behind all of it and we already made our three wishes. 

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